Lesedi, meaning 'light' in Sotho, is an apt name for this exciting slice of tribal life. Lesedi Cultural Village does indeed shed some light on these diverse and colourful cultures. First opening its doors in 1995, Lesedi Cultural Village has grown and blossomed over the years into the wonderful tourist attraction it is today. It now boasts five traditional African homesteads, each representing a local culture: Ndebele, Zulu, Basotho, Xhosa, and Pedi – all fascinating and beautiful cultures steeped in ancient ancestral traditions and tribal folklore. These traditional dwellings provide invaluable insight into the traditions and customs of each culture and serve as stunning, comfortable lodgings for guests.

Overnight guests are welcomed warmly by the family of the homestead in which they will be staying. The head of each family then assumes tour guide duties for the duration of the guests' stay, answering questions and explaining his or her cultural beliefs, norms, and ideals. Every family lives at Lesedi Cultural Village permanently, taking care of their homesteads, tending their livestock, and taking keen tourists under their wing.

Although day visitors won't have the pleasure of sleeping the night in the beautiful tribal dwellings, all of Lesedi Cultural Village's other wonderful attractions are available to them, including the Nyama Choma Restaurant which serves delectable dishes and 'mamba juice' (unique to Lesedi Cultural Village), and, of course, the traditional story telling, singing, and dancing to the sounds of African drums and maskande guitar.

Lesedi Cultural Village was co-founded by the famous South African explorer, author, and humanitarian Kingsley Holgate.

Lesedi Cultural Village Physical Address
Along the R512, 5km south of Pelindaba

Tel: 012 205 1394