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Isla de Coco Costa Rica is one of the cleanest places on planet
Added: 2009-10-12 18:37:23


As reports vacationscostarica.com, National Geographic has just come back from Costa Rica’s Isla de Coco (Coco’s Island) which lies 500km West of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast and has stated that it is one of the most purest and cleanest places on the planet. Isla de Coco should not be confused wth Playas del Coco, a popular beach in the Guanacaste region of northern Costa Rica.

Isla de Coco, photo courtesy: vacationscostarica.com
Rural Tourism Helps Costa Rica’s Doka Maintain Coffee Traditions
Added: 2009-09-18 20:58:37


At $16 a person, The Real Coffee Tour is not the principle bread winner for the Vargas family, which has run the Doka Estate coffee plantation through generations and almost 80 years. But for owner Don Rodrigo Vargas, it is one of his greatest sources of delight.

His story was originally published by costaricapages.com

During the tour, visitors can see various stages of coffee growing and making. Picture from dokaestate.com