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Why Israeli Rodents Are More Cautious Than Jordanian Ones
Added: 2009-11-25 20:44:35


Is a border line simply a virtual line appearing on the map? If so, why is it that Israeli rodents are more cautious than Jordanian rodents? Why is it that there are more ant lions in Israel than in Jordan? And how come there are more reptile species in Jordan than in Israel?

Modern agriculture practices in Israel have caused population shifts in animal species. (c) GreenProphet.com
Eco Tourism in the Middle East: Jordan
Added: 2009-09-18 21:33:17


We continue to deliver you the articles of Karen Chernik of prophet.com about Eco Tourism possibilities in the Middle East. This time her article covers Jordan

Tent Camp in Jordanian desert. Photo from flickr.com, copyright of its respective author, delivered through greenprophet.com