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Red Phone Box in a small village is saved
Added: 2009-12-02 09:30:22


This might sound as ridiculous news item, but it illustrates how technical progress affects villages and their traditional look.

We all know that rapid development of mobile telephony badly affected business of fixed line telephony, including the booths in the streets we once used for making calls while not at home or in the office. Now, when everyone uses mobile phones, it gets too expensive for phone companies to maintain public phones that nobody really uses.

However, red phone box is an important brand for UK. It brings charm to cities, towns and villages. Without them, British settlements lose part of their Britishness.

Phone box saved! Photo from BerghApton.co.uk
Blenheim Palace receives environmental award
Added: 2009-11-26 19:57:04


Blenheim Palace, one of England’s most famous stately homes, became the 2000th member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme in a special ceremony carried out by Conservative Party leader David Cameron.

The ancestral home of one of England’s greatest military heroes, the Duke of Marlborough, and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill has been awarded a Silver grading by the UK’s leading green tourism promotional body in recognition of its commitment to helping the environment.

On Friday, 13th of November, local MP David Cameron presented the Duke of Marlborough with a Heritage Tree to mark the Palace’s continued commitment to conservation and the environment.

Aerial view of Blenheim Palace. (C) Aeropic.co.uk
Trekking trips are the most popular adventure trips in UK
Added: 2009-09-11 13:51:19


Trekking holidays have become increasingly popular this year, according to specialist, The Adventure Company, UK.

With Ben Fogle, Bruce Parry and even Chris Moyles’ adventures documented on television these destinations have captured the imagination of the public in the past 12 months.

Views while trekking in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Picture from www.nepalecotrek.com