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World natural heritage status being sought for Bunaken
Added: 2009-09-11 14:39:42


North Sulawesi`s `Bunaken` National Marine Park in Manado waters where the `Sail Bunaken` festival is being held with hundreds of yachts and warships from many countries taking part, is being proposed for recognition as a World Natural Heritage.

“Many countries have suggested that we propose the inclusion of the Bunaken National Marine Park (TNL) in the World Natural Heritage list.

Indonesia has submitted its proposal and is doing its best to have the park with its uniqueness recognized as one of the world natural heritages,” Director General of Maritime and Fisheries Supervision affairs Aji Sularso said.

Picture from www.bimpbc.org
South Korea holds key to resumption of Mount Kumgang tourism
Added: 2009-09-11 14:26:14


Despite an agreement between North Korea and South Korean conglomerate Hyundai Group to restart their joint tourism business to Mount Kumgang, it remains unclear whether and when South Korean tourists will again be able to visit the scenic resort on the North’s eastern coast.

Mount Kumgang as seen by Adam Bruzzone, www.adambruzzone.com
China ready to enter mountain lakes in World Heritage List
Added: 2009-09-11 14:14:51


China is preparing to enter four mountain lakes in the country’s northwestern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the World Heritage List, a Chinese researcher confirmed Tuesday.
The lakes would be entered as a single unit on the list.
It will be the Xinjiang region’s first entry on the World Heritage List of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) if the nomination is accepted, said Yang Zhaoping of the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Tianchi Lake. Picture from travelandtourismnews.com
Trekking trips are the most popular adventure trips in UK
Added: 2009-09-11 13:51:19


Trekking holidays have become increasingly popular this year, according to specialist, The Adventure Company, UK.

With Ben Fogle, Bruce Parry and even Chris Moyles’ adventures documented on television these destinations have captured the imagination of the public in the past 12 months.

Views while trekking in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Picture from www.nepalecotrek.com
Sandos Caracol launches free eco tours
Added: 2009-09-11 13:33:47


The Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa is welcoming travelers to the revitalized eco property with the launch of complimentary Eco Tours. The complimentary Eco Tour takes guests on an interwoven path throughout the property where they can discover the nature areas within the eco resort. Guides will help participants observe the extraordinary details that the Mayan jungle holds including treasures such as 16 natural cenotes, indigenous animals and exotic fauna.

Spanish rural accommodation: Paradores
Added: 2009-09-05 16:25:26


Those of us who have heard the word "Parador" before, might think that paradores are not something that should be discussed on a site that specializes on rural, responsible and green travel. Well, while admitting that many paradores are not exactly in the countryside, other half is actually located in rural areas, providing such degree of harmony with landscapes and historical environment as few establishments can ever do.

Parador Zafra in Badajos. (c) euroresidentes.com
Lumbini coming up as a Rural Tourism Model
Added: 2009-09-03 19:44:38


Tourism definitely plays an effective role in the reduction of poverty, promotion of economy and social development of the country. Tourism implies all those activities enroute the tourist destinations, which offers alternative opportunities of income to local residents, thereby contributing in the rural development and empowerment of the community members.

Photo from aysps.gsu.edu
1st Expo Tourism and Business Fair in Dosquebradas, Café Triangle
Added: 2009-09-03 19:40:46


Good news from over the Atlantic ocean, from Colombia.

The 1st Expo Tourism and Business Fair, which will take place in Dosquebradas, in the Café Triangle, becomes an excellent showcase for the trade promotion and dissemination of the rural tourism product that is one of the greatest strengths of Dosquebradas.

Photo from www.colombia.travel
Haryana to promote rural tourism
Added: 2009-09-03 19:33:21


Online edition of India's National Newspaper, The Hindu, wrote in 2004 about plans of Haryana state of India to develop rural tourism.

Years after, infrastructure of the state is well-developed; you can explore their web at http://haryanatourism.gov.in.

Photo of Banni Khera Farm, courtesy of haryanatourism.gov.in
Does Rural Tourism in Hong Kong really exist?
Added: 2009-09-03 19:21:49


Everyone who has not visited Hong Kong and just saw it on the World Map, would wonder - are there any countryside in this microscopic country, recently joined China?

Photo from drmartinwilliams.com
Rural Tourism: It’s A Niche That India Can Offer
Added: 2009-09-03 19:08:26


Rural India has much to offer to the world. Rich in traditions of arts, crafts and culture, rural India can emerge as important tourist spots. Those in the developed world who have a craze for knowledge about traditional ways of life, arts and crafts will be attracted to visit rural India if the concept of rural tourism is marketed well.

Photo from indiatravelbuzz
Climate Change Action for Saving Great Barrier Reef
Added: 2009-09-03 18:45:09


Expected changes in global climate pose threats to coral reefs in several ways. More frequent storms will increasingly cause physical damage to coral reefs. Increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will reduce the ability of corals to build their calcium carbonate skeletons. Higher water temperatures are likely to increase the incidence of coral diseases and temperature increases of only 1 to 1.5˚C above the long-term average can cause mass coral bleaching.

Authorities of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park published their guidelines for marine tourism operators in order to improve awareness of the ecological problems related to climate change and tourism practices. By re-posting the article we hope that our readers would know what is recommended way of organizing tours around the Great Barrier Reef and then support the most responsible operators.

Photo from worldswonders.net
American travelers more familiar with 'green travel' but unwilling to pay more to support it
Added: 2009-09-01 11:56:08


U.S. travelers are more familiar with sustainable travel terminology than they were two years ago but remain unwilling to pay more for eco-friendly travel options according to the July travelhorizons(TM), the quarterly consumer survey co-authored by the U.S. Travel Association and Ypartnership.

Our take: We at rural.travelage.eu are glad to see that there is a demand for "green travel" if there are ways to do it with reasonable price. Now, all we need is enough offers with justified price to satisfy this demand. It might be tough at first, but rewarding in the future. We are publishing all news regarding sustainable and responsible travel and hope to change people's mindset so they would prefer this kind of travel. Read more to learn more details about the survey.
Mining national parks could put New Zealand’s tourism industry at risk
Added: 2009-09-01 11:43:29


Opening up the conservation estate to mining interests could put New Zealand’s 20.1 billion NZ dollars (13.8 billion US dollars) tourism industry at risk, the Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA) warned on Friday.

Our take: While it is too easy to say "Drop out mining, stick with tourism", and we are of course favouring keeping New Zealand's landscapes unspoilt, we recognize it as a bigger problem, and something for all of us to think. Mining, driven by demand for new things, is important. As long as we need more things, the more natural resources should be excavated, in one place or another. How can we choose, which landscape is ok to spoil, and which not? Do we have any ethical right to speak about this? Maybe we should rather review our consumer habits in first place and push more effort in recycling goods rather than digging for new raw materials?

Image copyright (c) John Corney
Peak Adventure Successfully Completed Kedarnath Peak Climbing Expedition
Added: 2009-09-01 11:32:21


Those of us interested in climbing might be interested that PeakAdventureTour.com, leading Indian Adventure Tours and Travel Company set new milestone by conducting successful Kedarnath Peak Climbing Adventure Expedition.

Kedarnath is a Hindu holy town located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Situated in the Himalayas, about 3584m above sea level near the head of river Mandakini, this destination is flanked by breathtaking snow-capped peaks.

It is an exceptional destination surrounded with huge Himalayan Peaks and considered as home to natural & beautiful mountain sights. The Kedarnath Peak (6940m/22770ft) is just one of the few Himalayan Peaks in Kedarnath that is situated at the south of Gangotri Glacier and well known for peak climbing adventure activity.

We republish this article from travelandtourismnews.com and you can either read it from original source at http://www.travelandtourismnews.com/peak-adventure-successfully-completed-kedarnath-peak-climbing-expedition, or continue reading below.

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